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“Prices Effective Januarty 1, 2020”

·     Sew-in w/lace closure $200

Lace closures are very popular and a great way to protect your natural tresses, while still desiring a natural look. This service includes a shampoo, condition, installation of 3 bundles, lace closure and style. Any additional bundles are $25 to be installed and must be added when booking your appointment. Hair is not included, but available for purchase

·     Sew-in w/Lace Frontal $225

Lace frontals are a great way to express versatility with your installation, while protecting your natural tresses. Lace frontals were initially introduced for short term wear. Times have changed and allows clients to wear their installations for up to 2 months. During this two-month period, your lace frontal will need maintenance every 2-3 weeks. Mark Anthony’s Lace frontal installations are adhered with adhesive and/or tape only. This service includes a shampoo, condition, installation of 3 bundles, lace frontal and style. *Wand curls are an add-on and must be added at the time of booking your appointment. Hair is not included, but available for purchase.
This services is intended for clients with a chemical relaxer only. Whether you’re rocking a short haircut and would like it maintained or medium to long hair and would like a roller set or thermal press, this is the service for you. Includes a shampoo, condition and style.

$75 and up

During everyone’s natural hair journey, one always require a length length check. Whether you desire a straight look every now and then or you’re a straight natural that only wear your hair straight, this is the service for you. Mark Anthony prides himself in keep your natural hair healthy and heat damage free while performing this service, using his own 1″ Titanium Flat Irons, thermal protection spray and moisture retention conditioning treatment. Includes a shampoo, conditioning hydration treatment, press and style. 

 Style $75

We carry a variety of relaxers, all depending on the condition of the client’s hair and scalp. This service includes a professional relaxer, shampoo, protein conditioner and style. Wet set, thermal straightener or short style is included. 

and style $90

Let’s just be honest, natural textured hair is not for everyone. Don’t be afraid, whether you’re natural or relaxed, with routine appointments Mark Anthony promises you healthy hair while in his care. Includes a virgin relaxer, shampoo, protein conditioner and style.
Virgin relaxer refers to any client that has not receive a relaxer service in 6 months or more.

and style $60

Short cuts are in!!!! To maintain maximum fullness while rocking your short cut, you will find Mark Anthony requesting this service quite often. Includes a relaxer from your nape area, up to to inches above your ear, shampoo, condition and style.
*service for short hair clients only*


Mark Anthony’s quick weaves are 100% glue-less, with his technique. This service includes, shampoo, weave installation and style. Quick weave will last up to 3-4 weeks. Hair is also available for purchase.

 $200 and up

 Custom wig options range from, lace closure, lace frontal or u-part. Price does not include hair. All custom wigs require full payment,  with a 7-10 business day turn around time. Please click on shop then custom wig order.

 Permanent color $125  and up

Its a news season and your new hair color is waiting for you! Service includes the color and silk press.. Prices vary color and color placement choice.

maintenance $50

 In order to keep your installation looking it’s best, maintaining your sew-in is required every 3 weeks. This service includes, shampoo and style. Mark Anthony will maintain his installations only during a 2 month recommended period.
does not include lace closure or lace frontal maintenance

 Maintenance $75

Lace frontals are the most convenient way to be versatile with everyday styling. For time to time, your frontal requires maintenance. This service includes the removal of your frontal, shampoo, style, and frontal re-installation. 


Would you like to start your healthy hair journey or just discuss your options? This is the service for you! All consultations are done prior to booking an appointment.

Sew-in  $175

Mark Anthony provides the most natural looks with is traditional sew- installations. A traditional sew-in is installed, leave a minimum amount of your natural hair to provide the most natural look possible. This service includes a shampoo, condition, installation of 3 bundles, cut and style.
Wand curls are not included and must be added at the time of booking your appointment.